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Through on-going education, artist advocacy, career direction, artist networking and partnering liaisons the organization arms artists with heightened business knowledge and awareness.

Our label seeks to provide specific business tools to assist artists and performers in the advancement of their professional careers. Through diversity, artist collaboration, song licensing, music piracy protection awareness, press release submissions, multifaceted networking tools, independent CD production, on-line product placement and enhanced video production packages for presentation. In addition, a cutting-edge database of industry contacts gives clients a definitive advantage in the marketplace.

About the project

This project is a meticulously and intentionally calculated musical experience Where sound design & composition meets art.

Get the Entire Album on Bandcamp The recording of the project began in fall of 2011 and has been built using an iPad, a mixer, sound editing tools and VSTs. Created for true listeners and those who appreciate the art of visual sound design.

Created for true listeners and those who appreciate the art of visual sound design. the new adventures of professor:clock (series) is an intentionally-mixed and un-mastered organic project built from a structured compilation of intensely produced music with ultrasonically crafted sounds, elements and energies. Each track is intentionally created and their technical and sonic imperfections are strategically 'perfect'. To date, the project is currently three volumes which expand across several sectors of human space//time, offering the audible story of “professor:clock”.

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Volume One - Light Travel
Volume Two - Motere Sanctum
Volume Three - Master Intelligence
Latest News

Music, Sight & Sound at the 2nd Annual World Arts Film Festival

Jacksonville, FL -
The 2nd Annual World Arts Film Festival is over. May 15-17, 2014, sound designer & performer Damien Lamar hosted a sound environment room and included lectures about 'the new adventures of professorclock". Special thanks to videographer and filmmaker, Adam MacHose for his collaboration on '5125' and for the festival's founder, Karen Sadler for her vision and acceptance of the project.
Major thanks to Victor Cora for the light addition which also helped to provide a great experience to students, children with disabilities and film students. Thanks to you and to all the festival attendees.


Damien Lamar and Adam MacHose - 5125

Recently premiered in the sound environment room at the 2nd Annual World Arts Film Festival, an audiovisual work created out of a collaboration between Damien Lamar and videographer, Adam MacHose. MacHose produced an exclusively figurative video abstraction using Damien Lamar’s track, “5125” which was based on the track’s mysterious ambiance. The video features model, Wandie Rodriguez and dancer, Lindsay Nicol.

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